It's an amazing experience to see the dragons in the wild in their natural habitat. Mostly Komodo dragon can be founded at Komodo island and also at Rinca island.

Komodo Island is more popular rather than Rinca island, beside the Dragon in Komodo Island is much more bigger than the Dragon can be founded in Rinca island. But Rinca has better possibility to see the Komodo dragon and also the distance is closer from Labuan bajo (around 2 hours boating) rather than Komodo Island (around 4 hours boaring). Our standard  program will take you to both of this islands and other top snorkeling spots (Padar, Bidadari, Pink Beach, Kambing Island, Kelor Islands).

During the normal season, basically we can visit both islands (Rinca and Komodo) in one day. But during the peak rainy season around December – February we can only take you to Rinca Island due to the strong current and wave in Komodo Islands region.

To have one day trip by visiting Rinca and Komodo Island, it should started in the early morning. Which mean it can be done on your arrival date in Labuan Bajo. Started In the early morning from Labuan Bajo, you will cruise to Rinca Island for around 2 hours. Arrival in Rinca Island directly have trekking in search of Komodo Dragon. Finish program in Rinca get on board and sailing again to Komodo Island to see another Komodo Dragon. On the way back to Labuan Bajo, after hot trekking in Rinca and Komodo Island you will get refreshed by snorkeling at popular spot (Padar or Pink Beach).

Overnight on a fisherman wooden boat which have been modified to enable and suitable for carrying tourist will give you different experience of enjoying this trip. The boat that get you to Komodo or Rinca Islands has various specification, capacities and facilities, from standard to luxury.

On your arrival in Labuan Bajo, get on board for sailing to Rinca Island. After trekking in Rinca in search of Komodo Dragon then proceed for snorkeling (Bidadari or Kelor island). Late afternoon proceed to Kalong Island, a small island covered by the mangrove trees surround the island and is the ideal habitat for the bats (flying foxes). In the late afternoon you will enjoy spectacular view when thousand of bats flying out from the island in searching for food. Adventurous, healthy and fresh meals will be prepared for you on boat. Next day having another adventure to Komodo island and snorkeling at popular spot (Bidadari or Pink beach) before sailing back to Labuan Bajo.

Contact us if you would like to extend your Bali trip to Komodo Islands.